Despite the ass-raping prices of their plastic shit hardware sold to hipsters, Apple actually makes some great software.

Thanks to Anonymous and ResidentMacfag !!++YPRmvg32Q for the selected software titles.

Some words of introductionEdit

First things first. For all effects and purposes, OS X = Unix. Learn some basic commands in case you're coming from the DOS/Windows world (like me).

Websites of interestEdit

  • MacThemes: An active theming community.
  • The InsanelyMac Forum: Large Hackintosh community, as well as Mac power users. In case you got a question regarding your OSx86 build, be sure to look here first instead of asking.
  • The OSx86 Project Wiki: Everyting there's to know about your Hackintosh build and install. PROTIP: try to aim for a "Vanilla" install (official Mac OS X install, with the least amount of modifications).
  • iUseThis: A site which lists popular OS X apps.
  • MacWorld: Good for reviews and free programs (they make reviews pretty often).
  • Mac Rumors: Decent news site. The forums are great for tips.


Software Screenshot Description Licence
Web Browser Mozilla Firefox Freeware
Safari Bundled with OS X
Stainless Freeware
Mail Client Apple Mail Bundled with OS X
Chat/IRC client Adium Freeware
Chatzilla Freeware
Colloquy Freeware
Torrent Client μTorrent Freeware
Transmission Freeware
FTP Client Filezilla Freeware
Cyberduck Shareware
Transmit Freeware
Commander One Freeware


Software Screenshot Description Licence
Video Player Quicktime Bundled with OS X, Pro is paid.
Movist Freeware
Miro Freeware
Codecs Perian Freeware
Flip4Mac Freeware
Music Player iTunes Bundled with OS X
Image Viewer iPhoto Paid (bundled with Mac computers)
Comical Freeware
Photo Editor Aperture Paid
Seashore Freeware
Adobe Photoshop Paid
Video Converter Handbrake Freeware
CD ripper Max Freeware
DVD ripper HandBrake Freeware
MacTheRipper Freeware

System UtilitiesEdit

Software Screenshot Description Licence
Launching Utility Quicksilver Freeware
Finder Utility Pathfinder Freeware
Spotlight Bundled with OS X
Ricing Magnifique Freeware
Geektool 3 Freeware
Startup Sound Freeware
Menu Bar Tint Freeware
Dock Color Freeware
smcFanControl Freeware
iStat Freeware
Growl Freeware
Smart Sleep Freeware
Quicklook Bundled with OS X
NTFS Driver Paragon NTFS Paid
Uninstaller Pacifist Shareware
AppDelete Shareware
AppZapper Shareware
Slimmer Xslimmer Freeware
Monolingual Freeware


Software Screenshot Description Licence
Office Suite iWork Paid
Microsoft Office Paid Freeware
PDF Viewer Adobe Viewer Freeware
Preview Bundled with OS X
Text Editor Smultron Freeware
AbiWord Freeware

File UtilitiesEdit

Software Screenshot Description Licence
Drive Encryption FileVault Bundled with OS X
TrueCrypt Freeware
Disc Burner Disc Utility Bundled with OS X
Roxio Toast Paid
Virtual DVD Drive Disc Utility Bundled with OS X
Archiver The Unarchiver Freeware
Pacifist Shareware