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The Goddamned ListEdit

Image Title Author Genre(s) Year Length (volumes) Complete? Description

Naoki Urasawa

Mystery 2003 - 2009 8 Yes Pluto follows the Europol robot detective Gesicht in his attempts to solve the case of a string of robot and human deaths. The case becomes more puzzling when evidence suggests a robot is responsible for the murders, the first one in eight years. The series recently ended after its 65th chapter.

Based on the famous "The Greatest Robot on Earth" story arc from Astro Boy.

Bokurano Mohiro Kitoh Psychological 2003 - 2009 11 Yes

During summer camp, a group of children meet a man by the name of "Kokopelli" by the sea. They agree to play a game and sign a contract with him. They all awake by the shore, believing what had happened was just a dream, but the following day they are greeted by two giant robots, one of them commanded by Kokopelli.

Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Burned Yasuhiro Imagawa & Yasunari Toda Martial Arts and Mystery 2006 - ongoing 4+ No The Day the Earth Burned chronicles Daisaku Kusama's involvement in a three way battle between the International Police Organization, the Magnificent Ten and the Murasame Clan. The series follows the general tone and style of the Imagawa's The Day the Earth Stood Still but set in a different continuity.
Kamen Rider ZO Kazuhiko Shimamoto Action 1993 1 Yes

An adapataion of the Kamen Rider ZO movie.The manga attempts to better develop the characters and the overall story by turning it into a 3-chapter series.

The same manga that contains Kamen Rider ZO, also contains a short story featuring Kamen Rider Black and a very quirky fictional biography based on Osamu Tezuka, both are also recommended.

Cannon God Exaxxion Kenichi Sonoda Action Comedy 1998-2004 7 Yes Hōichi Kano, the Grandsonof world famous inventor Hōsuke Kano, is a student at Howa High School in Musashino City, Japan. At the tenth anniversary of first contact with the Leopoldians, an alien race, the unveiling of an Elevator Ship, designed for orbital transport to and from the Leopoldian home world and Earth, is about to take place. However, this was just a ploy to take control of the Earth, using their advanced technology and large Leopoldian work force on Earth to their advantage. It is now up to Hōichi, with the help of his grandfather, his school friend Akane, and Isaka, who recently transferred to Howa High School, to stop them and save Earth.

Mazinger franchiseEdit

Image Title Year Author Length (volumes) Finished? Description
Mazinger Z 1972 Go Nagai, Gosaku Ota 10 vol Yes

Great Mazinger

1974 Go Nagai 2 vol Yes
UFO Robo Grendizer 1975 Go Nagai, Ken Ishikawa, Gosaku Ota, Eiji Imamichi 8 vol Yes
God Mazinger 1984 Go Nagai 4 vol Yes
Mazinger, U.S.A Version 1988 Go Nagai 1 vol Yes
Mazinger Angels 2004 Go Nagai, Akihiko Niina 4 vol Yes
Mazinger Z: Relic of Terror ? Dynamic Planning Ken Ishikawa one shot
Shin Mazinger Zero 2009 Go Nagai (Original Work), Tabata Yoshiaki, Yugo Yuuki 2 vol No
Shin Mazinger Impact! H Chapter 2009 Go Nagai (Original Work) One-shot Yes
Mazinkaiser Skull Versus 2010 Go Nagai (Original Work), Kazumi Hoshi 1 vol No