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The Goddamned ListEdit

Image Title Author Year Length Description
Allstarbats All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder Miller, Frank / Lee, Jim 2005 9 issues Frank Miller's latest take on Batman and Robin. Although the art is great, the script is generally regarded as total crap, so be careful. Responsible for the infamous "I'm the goddamned Batman" line.
Allstarsuper All-Star Superman Morrison, Frank 2006 12 issues Super man contracts cancer from flying through the sun to save an expedition team. The story follows him dealing with this and tying up loose ends.
Astrocity Astro City Buziek, Kurt 1995 6 volumes
Manwholaughs Batman: The Man Who Laughs Brubacker, Ed 2005 1 issue A retelling of Batman's first encounter with The Joker.
Blackorchid Black Orchid Gaiman, Neil 1988 3 issues
Blacksummer Black Summer Ellis, Warren 2007 8 issues
Bprd BPRD Mignola, Mike, et al 2003 14 volumes
Elseworldsfinest Elseworld's Finest Moore, John Francis 2 issues
Exmachina Ex Machina Vaughan, Brian K. 2004 54 issues
Cantjla I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League Giffen, Keith 2004 6 issues
Jlawonder JLA: Age of Wonder Tantimedh, Adisakdi 2003 2 issues
Jlashogun JLA: Shogun of Steel Raab, Ben / Justiniano 2002
Jlanail JLA: The Nail Davis, Alan 1998 3 issues
Goldenage JSA: The Golden Age Robinson, James / Smith, Paul 1993 4 issues
Dredd Judge Dredd (various) In the futuristical Mega-City One, Judges are a police group whose members are judge, jury and executioner. The ruthless Judge Dredd is the most feared of them all.
Justice Justice Ross, Alex / Krueger, Jim 2005 12 issues
Kickass Kick-Ass Millar, Mark / Romita Jr., John 2008 8 issues Millars story of a teenager who decides to be a super hero and spends most of the comic sucking at it. Surprisingly good and surprisingly gory.
Kingdomcome Kingdom Come Waid, Mark / Ross, Alex 1996 4 issues An old, retired Superman leads the Justice League once more to fight against the new growing wave of irresponsible superhumans wrecking havoc in the world. As usual with Ross, gorgeus.
Nextwave Nextwave Ellis, Warren 2006 12 issues
Promethea Promethea Moore, Alan 1999 32 issues
Realbat Realworlds: Batman 2000 1 issue
Supermanseasons Superman: For All Seasons Loeb, Jeph / Sale, Tim 1998 4 issues
Peaceonearth Superman: Peace on Earth Dini, Paul / Ross, Alex 1999 1 issue Superman fights world hunger. Compiled in 2005 in The World's Greatest Superheroes, with other Dini / Ross stories about Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and the JLA.
Redson Superman: Red Son Millar, Mark 2003 3 issues A story where Superman's capsule lands in Stalin's Soviet Russia insted of the United States, thus becoming the new symbol of communism.
Secretidentity Superman: Secret Identity Buziek, Kurt 2004 4 issues
Supreme Supreme: The Sory of the Year Moore, Alan 1995 17 issues Alan Moore re-invents Rob Liefeld's Supreme and turns it into an analysis of Superman's mythology, without Superman. Collected in TPB. Ignore the other issues, as they're simply a bad, hyper-violent Superman rip-off.
Dark The Dark Knight Returns Miller, Frank 1986 4 issues After years of retirement, Batman is back, and he's pissed. It's time to clean Gotham once more. One of the most critically acclaimed Batman comics of all time.
Maxx The Maxx Kieth, Sam 1993 35 issues A Vigilante homeless man with a cool suit and a woman who lives between our reality and the dreaming fighting a serial rapist.
Trinitybusiek Trinity Busiek, Kurt 2008 52 issues
Vendetta V For Vendetta Moore, Alan 1982 12 issues Violent anarchist rebels against dystopian England.
Watchmen Watchmen Moore, Alan / Gibbons, Dave 1986 12 issues Generally lauded as the Citizen Kane of superhero comics. A story about realistically developed superheroes in the Cold War era. A definitive must read.
Trinitywagner Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity Wagner, Matt 2003 3 issues
Want Wanted Millar, Mark 2003 6 issues Supervillains put aside their differences and work together to destroy all heroes. But you don't expect them NOT to fight each other after succeeding, do you? The ending will surprise you, amaze you and make you feel like crap at the same time.
Unknown soldier The Unknown Soldier Ennis, Garth 2008 14 issues
Madman Madman Allred, Mike 1992 13 TPs
Powers Powers Bendis, Brian Michael 2000 68 issues