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Japanese (and Korean) publications go in the Manga list.

Year refers to the first year of publication, and is in no way indication of a period: for instance, Cerebus the Aardvark was published over 27 years, between 1977 and 2004.

Regarding format:

  • Issue is a standard anglosaxon comic book.
  • Volume is a collection of 6 to 10 issues. Used interchangeably with Trade Paperback (TP).
  • Book is large-format, usually used by non-periodical and European comics.

And, remember, kids: "graphic novel" is a fancy euphemism used by hipsters. You read comics. Proudly.

The ListEdit

Image Title Author Year Genre Length Finished? Description
300miller 300 Miller, Frank 1998 Action 5 issues Yes The Battle of Thermopylae, re-told by Frank Miller. You saw the movie, now read the original comic. Spartan king Leonidas will gather his best 300 men to fight against the thousands of soldiers led by Xerxes, the Persian Emperor.
100bullets 100 Bullets Azarello, Brian 1999 Crime 100 issues No What if you were given an untraceable gun, 100 rounds of untraceable bullets, a picture of a target, and proof that person has wronged you? A complex gangland conspiracy story.
Unahistoriaviolenciacomic A History of Violence Wagner, John / Locke, Vince 1998 Crime 5 TPs Yes
Alcoholic Alcoholic, The Ames, Joanthan 2008 Drama 1 volume Yes
Flagg American Flagg! Chaykin, Howard 1983 Satire 50 issues Yes
Americansplendor American Splendor Pekar, Harvey 1976 Autobiography 39 issues Yes
Art Art Out of Time (various) (various) Collection 1 book Yes
Arzach Arzach Moebius 1975 Fantasy 1 book Yes
Asterix Asterix the Gaul Goscinny / Uderzo 1961 Comedy 34 books Yes The adventures of Asterix and his friend Obelix to protect their village from the Romans and other enemies. To do so, they have a magic potion that gives them super-strength.
Atomicrobo Atomic Robo Clevinger, Brian 2007 Action 16 issues No Atomic Robo, a sentient robot created by Tesla, fights Nazis, Communists, and all kinds of monsters to protect the world. Also Stephen Hawking is a bastard.
Aya Aya Abouet, Marguerite 2007 Drama 3 books Yes
Berlin Berlin Lutes, Jason 1996 Drama 24 issues No
Bgr Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot Miller, Frank 1995 Action 2 issues Yes
Bitch Bitch in Heat Casotto, Giovanna 1999 Erotic 1 book Yes
Blackhole Black Hole Burnes, Charles 1995 Drama 12 issues Yes
Blacksad Blacksad Díaz Canales, Juan 2000 Drama 4 TPs No
Bone Bone Smith, Jeff 1991 Comedy 55 issues Yes
Borgia Borgias Jodorowski, Alejandro; Manara, Milo 2004 Drama, Historical 3 books Yes The tale of one of the most wretched families in history, told by the master Jodorowski and drawn by the god of erotic comic.
Brusel Brüsel: Cities of the Fantastic Schuiten, François; Peeters, Benoît 1992 Fantasy, Steampunk 1 book Yes
Cerebus Cerebus Sim, Dave 1977 Comedy, Drama 300 issues Yes
Cinema Cinema Panopticum Ott, Thomas 2005 Drama 1 book Yes
Click Click Manara, Milo 1983 Erotic 4 books Yes
Contract Contract With God Trilogy Eisner, Will 1978 Autobiography 1 book Yes
Corto Corto Maltese Pratt, Hugo 1967 Adventure 12 books Yes
Criminal Criminal Brubacker, Ed 2006 Crime 17 issues No
David David Boring Clowes, Daniel 2000 Slice-of-Life 1 book Yes
Deadwest Dead West Spears, Rick 2005 Western 1 TP Yes
Desolation Desolation Jones Ellis, Warren 2005 Spy Fiction 1 TP No
Dmz DMZ Wood, Brian / Burchelli, Riccardo 2005 War 53 issues No The United States, the Second Civil War. A stalemate between the rebels and the federal government is reached in NYC and Manhattan is left under its own devices as a "Escape of New York"-esque commune. Matt, a rookie photojournalist gets stranded in the middle of the city after his mission goes FUBAR. There, he tells the stories of the people still surviving in the Big Apple, coping with bombings and lack of clean water.
Sleepless Doktor Sleepless Ellis, Warren 2007 Science fiction 16 issues No
Fables Fables Willingham, Bill 2002 Fantasy 94 issues No Urban fantasy. Everyday life of the fairytale Fables living in modern day New York, after being booted out of their own land by "The Adversary".
Fax Fax From Sarajevo Kubert, Joe 1996 Historical 1 book Yes
From-hell From Hell Moore, Alan 1991 Horror 1 book Yes Alan Moore's depiction of Jack the Ripper and his murders.
Ghost Ghost World Clowes, Daniel 1993 Slice-of-Life 1 book Yes Young girl falls in love with Steve Buscemi.
Global Global Frequency Ellis, Warren 2002 Science fiction 12 issues Yes
Groo Groo The Wanderer Aragones, Sergio 1982 Adventure, Comedy 25 TPs No
Hardboiled Hard Boiled Miller, Frank 1990 Detective 3 issues Yes
Hellblazer: Haunted Ellis, Warren 1999 Occult 1 TP Yes
Hellboy Hellboy Mignola, Mike 1993 Action, Occult 10 TP No Rasputin and some Nazi occultists summon a baby demon, but the Allied forces find it first and adopt it. When he grows up he fights against the dark forces of evil.
Hey, Wait... Jason 2001 Life 1 volume Yes
Hollow Grounds Schuiten, Luc & François 1980 Science fiction 1 volume Yes
House of Secrets Staglel, Steven 1996 Horror 25 issues Yes
In The Shadow of No Towers Spiegelman, Art 2002 Biographical 10 issues Yes
Incal Jodorowski, Alejandro / Moebius 1981 Science fiction 14 volumes No
The Invisibles Morrison, Grant 1994 Science fiction, Anarchist, Paranoid, Bizarre 59 issues Yes Story following five members of an Anarchist group dedicated to stopping... everything. Because they seem to be some of the few redeemable human beings in the whole story. Sorta. Fuck it, just read this shit: it inspired The Matrix. That should tell you enough.
Jimmy Corrigan Ware, Chris 2000 Adventure 1 volume Yes
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Vasquez, Jhonen 1995 Black comedy, bizarre 7 issues Yes
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Moore, Alan 1999 Steampunk 14 issues No
Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck Rosa, Don 1991 Adventure 2 volumes Yes
Lorna & Her Robot Azpiri, Alfonso 1981 Erotic 1 volume Yes
Losers, The Diggle, Andy 2003 Action 32 issues Yes
Love & Rockets Hernandez, Jaime 1982 Magical realism 50 issues Yes
Loveless Azarello, Brian 2005 Western 24 issues Yes
Lucky Luke Goscinny, Morris, et al 1949 Western 74 volumes No
Lurkers Niles, Steve 2005 Horror 1 volume Yes
The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century Miller, Frank 1990 Sci-Fi, Adventure, Military, Dystopian 1 volume Yes
Maus Spiegelman, Art 1977 Historical 2 volumes Yes Autobiographical tale of a man writing about his father's stories of a life in a Nazi internment camp.
Mercenary, The Segrelles, Vicente 1980 Adventure 13 volumes No
Metabarons, The Jodorowski, Alejandro 1992 Science-Fantasy 5 volumes Yes
Metropol McKeever, Ted 1993 Science-Fantasy 15 issues Yes
Modesty Blaise O'Donnell, Peter 1963 Spy Fiction 19 volumes Yes
Mort Cinder Oesterheld, Héctor 1962 Horror 9 volumes Yes
Mouse Guard Petersen, David 2006 Fantasy 15 issues No
Necronauts Rennie, Gordon 2000 Horror 9 issues Yes
Nightly News Hickman, Jonathan 2006 Violence 6 issues Yes
Nikopol Trilogy Bilial, Enki 1980 Sci-Fi 3 volumes Yes
Persepolis Satrapi, Marjane 2000 Biographical, Historical 4 volumes Yes Very beautiful autobiography of the author's childhood, and later adolescence, telling her life after the Iranian Revolution toppled the Shah and imposed an Islamic state, muddled in war and oppression. Got adapted as an animated movie.
Price, The Starlin, Jim 1981 Sci-Fi 1 volume Yes
RanXerox Tamburini, Stefano 1978 Indie comix 1 volume Yes
Road1 Road to Perdition Collins, Max Allan 1998 Crime 4 volumes Yes An Irish mafia hitman is betrayed by his own boss and escapes with his son to seek revenge. Based on the manga Lone Wolf and Cub.
Rōnin Miller, Frank 1983 Cyberpunk, Chanbara 6 issues Yes
Safe Area Gorazde Sacco, Joe 2000 Biographical, Historical 1 volume Yes
Sandman Sandman Saga Gaiman, Neil 1989 Oniric, Horror 75 issue Yes The Sandman, king of dreams, was magically trapped for decades. Now he's free, and has to put some order in his realm after years of chaos.
Scalped Aaron, Jason / Guéra, Rajko 2007 Crime 39 issues No
Scott Scott Pilgrim O'Malley, Bryan Lee 2004 Romantic comedy, Action 6 volumes Yes Scott has found the girl of his dreams. But, in order to date her, he will have to fight her seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends! Lots of references to videogames and popular culture. Got adapted as a movie.
Sin-city Sin City Miller, Frank 1991 Noir 7 volumes Yes Several stories taking place in Sin City, the most corrupt, crime-infested metropolis on the US. Great narration and a fantastic use of black & white give a very noir feel.
Six From Sirius Moench, Douch 1984 Sci-Fi 4 issues Yes
Skydoll Sky Doll Barbucci, Alessandro / Canepa, Barbara 2000 Sci-Fi 2 volumes Yes Italian comic about a sex robot carrying the soul of a goddess.
Tales From The Bully Pulpit Cereno, Benito 2004 Sci-Fi 1 volume Yes
Tank Girl Martin, Alan / Hewlett, Jaime 1988 Comedy, Post-Apocalyptic 3 volumes Yes
That Salty Air Sievert, Tim 2008 Drama 1 volume Yes
The Arrival Tan, Shaun 2007 Drama 1 volume Yes
The Fourth Power Gimenez, Juan 1999 Sci-Fi 3 volumes No
Thorgal van Hamme, Jeann 1980 Adventure 32 volumes No
Time2 Chaykin, Howard 1986 Noir 2 volumes Yes
Tintin Tintin Herge 1929 Adventure 24 volumes Yes The many adventures of a young journalist, his friends, and his dog. Great adventure comics, a bit racist on the first few issues, but it gets better.
Torpedo Sánchez Abuli, Enrique 1981 Crime 15 volumes Yes
Townscapes Christin, Pierre 1975 Sci-Fi 1 volume Yes
Transmetropolitan Transmetropolitan Ellis, Warren 1997 Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk 60 issues Yes Hunter S. Thompson in the super future.
Understanding Comics McCloud, Scott 1993 Meta-Comic 1 volume Yes
Vic And Blood Ellison, Harlan / Corben, Richard 2003 Post-Apocalyptic 1 volume Yes
We3 Morrison, Grant 2004 Sci-Fi 3 issues Yes A story about three genetically modified animals turned killing machine trying to find their way home. (Essentially Homeward Bound, but gory and actually sad)
Xiii1 XIII van Hamme, Jeann 1984 Thriller 19 volumes No A man with a XIII tattoo on his neck is found unconscious. When he wakes up he has no memories, but posesses great combat skills. Oh, and he is accused of killing the President. PLOT TWISTS EVERYWHERE.
Y: The Last Man Vaughan, Brian K. / Guerra, Pia 2002 Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic 10 volumes Yes A tale following the last male on earth, Yorrick, and his pet monkey Ampersand, after an unknown plague killed every man on the planet except for them.