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This list is an aggregator, based upon 16 other lists floating in /a/.

No mecha, movies, or space opera shows are included, since they have their own lists!

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Picture Title Studio Adapted from... Length Year Genre(s) Description
Ai Yori Aoshi Ai Yori Aoshi J.C. Staff Manga 22 eps. + 12 TV (Enishi) + 1 OVA 2002 Romantic Comedy
Akagi Akagi Madhouse Manga 26 eps. 2005 Thriller
A and L Allison & Lillia Madhouse Light Novel 26 eps. 2008 Adventure
Aria Aria Hal Film Maker Manga 13 eps. + 26 TV (Natural) + 1 OVA (Arietta) + 14 TV 2005 Slice of Life
Azumanga-Daioh Azumanga Daioh J.C. Staff Yonkoma 26 eps. 2002 Slice of Life, Comedy
Baccano Baccano! Brain's Base Light Novel 16 eps. 2007 Action Mafiosi, inmortals, alchemists, thieves and cultists fight it out in this one-of-a-kind anime. Confusing on the first two episodes, but you'll get the hang of it. Very fun ride.
Bakemonogatari Bakemonogatari Shaft Light Novel 15 eps. + 11 TV (Nisemonogatari) + 4 OVA (Nekomonogatari: Kuro) + 26 TV (Monogatari Series: Second Season) 2009 Mystery, Supernatural, Comedy
Bamboo Blade Bamboo Blade AIC Manga 26 eps. 2007 Sports, Comedy
Bartender Bartender Palm Studio Manga 11 eps. 2006 Slice of Life, Drama A mysterious bartender helps people with their problems; a very relaxing show, with stand-alone episodes.
Basilisk Basilisk Gonzo Manga 24 eps. 2005 Action, Chanbara Two ninja clans have to kill each other to decide which of the shogun's grandsons will be the next ruler of Japan. However, the clan's leaders are in love. Tragedy ensues.
Beck Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Madhouse Manga 26 eps. 2004 Music, Comedy 14-year-old Koyuki is unremarkable, unpopular, and rather bored...then he meets Ryusuke, an amazing guitarist with a coolness about him. And he's looking for people to join his band.
Berserktv Berserk OLM Manga 25 eps. 1997 Action, Fantasy A cursed man walk through the land trying to find his best friend Griffith as he kills different dark.
Birdy Birdy The Mighty Decode A-1 Manga 25 eps + 1 OVA 2008 Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
Black Lagoon Black Lagoon Madhouse Manga 24 eps. 2006 Action After being betrayed by his own company, Rock, a japanese salaryman, joins the Lagoon Company, a group of mercenaries / smugglers. The story follows their jobs along the Asian sea.
Blue drop Blue Drop Asahi Production Manga 13 eps. 2007 Drama, Science Fiction
Aonoroku Blue Submarine No.6 Gonzo Manga 4 OVAs 1998 Science-Fiction The oceans have risen, and most of the Earth is flooded. Now humanity has to fight a war against a race of sea creatures for survival.
Boogiepop Boogiepop Phantom Madhouse Light Novel 12 eps. 2000 Drama, Horror, Mystery
Renkin Busou Renkin XEBEC Manga 26 eps. 2006 Action
Sakuratv Card Captor Sakura Madhouse Manga 70 eps. + 2 films 1998 Magical girls
Chrno Chrono Crusade Gonzo Manga 24 eps. 2003 Action, Fantasy A gun-wielding nun and her demon partner fight demons in America during the the 1920's while searching for her lost brother. Not as awesome as it sounds, but it's still good.
Cityhunter City Hunter Sunrise Manga 51 eps. 1987 Action, Comedy
Clayanime Claymore Madhouse Manga 26 eps. 2007 Action Berserk with estrogens.
Cromartie1 Cromartie High School Production I.G. Manga 26 eps. (10 minutes each) 2003 Comedy This anime has Freddie Mecury, an orangutan, and a robot student voiced by Norio Wakamoto. 'Nuff said.
Darker Darker Than BLACK Bones ORIGINAL ANIME 25 eps. + 1 OVA + 12 TV (Ryūsei no Gemini) 2007 Action An area called Hell's Gate appears in Tokyo, and some people obtain powers in exchange for their emotions, as well as some payment they have to make when they use them (which ranges from cutting themselves to reading a book). They are called contractors. The story follows Hei, a contractor working for The Syndicate.
Nijuu Daughter of Twenty Faces Bones Manga 22 eps. 2008 Mystery, Drama
Deathanime Death Note Madhouse Manga 37 eps. + 2 comp. (Rewrite) + 2 live-action films 2006 Thriller Light Yagami, a bright but jaded high-schooler finds a notebook with the ability to kill anyone he writes on it. Light uses it to cleanse the world of criminals, as a cat-and-mouse game with the authorities (and a mysterious detective known only as L) is unfolded.
Dennou-coil Dennou Coil Madhouse ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2007 Science Fiction, Psychological A girl fitting in a city under cyberspace influence.
Detroit Detroit Metal City 4°C Manga 12 eps. (10 minutes each) 2008 Comedy, Music Shoichi Negishi is a shy, peaceful boy who moves to Tokyo to play pop music. But a turn of events makes him become Lord Johannes Krauser II, leader of the death metal band Detroit Metal City.
Dna2 DNA² Madhouse Manga 12 eps. + 3 OVAs 1994 Comedy, Harem
304 Doomed Megalopolis Madhouse Novel 4 OVAs 1991 Horror
Edendvd Eden of the East Production I.G. ORIGINAL ANIME 11 eps. + 2 films 2009 Science Fiction, Psychological

Washington DC: A naked guy guy with no memory meets a Japanese girl on a trip. The only clue to his past is a cell phone. He gets a call saying that he has been chosen to save the world. They are given millions of dollars to reach their goals, but if they fail they are killed. Now he's trying to unravel his past and figure out what to do. Same director as GiTS: SAC.

Ef ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two Shaft Visual Novel 12 eps. (Memories) + 12 eps. (Melodies) 2007 Drama, Romance
Elfen Elfen Lied ARMS Manga 13 eps. + 1 OVA 2004 Action A girl with mysterious powers escapes from a lab, leaving a trail of corpses behind. She is wounded in the process, and ends up losing her memory and living with Kouta, who knows nothing about her past and names her Nyu after the only word she can spell. But when violence arises she turns from a moe amnesiac to a super-powered psychopath.
Ergo Ergo Proxy Manglobe ORIGINAL ANIME 23 eps. 2006 Psychological, Cyberpunk The world is destroyed save a few domed cities. Proxies (some kind of higher being) live in this world and are feared by men. A young man who can't remember the specifics of his past is in love with a woman. But the proxies are somehow tied to him. He decides to go back to his home city to find answers and she follows because she is curious about his connection to the proxies
Eve Eve no Jikan Rikka ORIGINAL ANIME 6 eps. 2008 Science Fiction, Drama
FC Fantastic Children Nippon Animation ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2004 Fantasy There have been sightings of a mysterious group of children called "The Befort Children" since the 15th century. They are looking for a girl, the author of a painting. This anime has a prety unique, hard to describe feel to it, and just for that it's worth a look.
Hokuto Fist of the North Star Toei Manga 109 eps. + 1 film + 43 eps. + 3 OVAs + 5 OVAs (True Savior) + 13 TV (Legends of the Dark King) + 1 live-action film 1984 Action Set in a post-apocalyptic future, it follows the adventures of Kenshiro, the last practitioner of the martial art known as Hokuto Shinken. He will travel the wasteland delivering justice as he searches for his fiancee and fights his old clan members. Manliest anime ever.
Freedom FreedomProject Sunrise ORIGINAL ANIME 8 episodes 2006 Science Fiction
Hagane Fullmetal Alchemist Bones Manga 51 eps. + 1 film (Conqueror of Shamballa) + 5 OVAs 2003 Adventure, Action In a world where alchemy has surpassed technology, the young Elric brothers perform the forbidden Human Transmutation to resurrect their mother. They fail, and in the process one loses an arm and a leg, and the other gets his soul trapped inside an armor. Now they search for the Philosopher's Stone to reclaim their bodies.
Fullmetal Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Bones Manga 64 eps. + 4 OVAs 2009 Adventure, Action Same as the above, only this version was made much later and thus follows the manga very closely (The first one starts to deviate halfway through). Most people prefer this adaptation, but both are good anyway.
Conan1 Future Boy Conan Nippon Animation Novel 26 eps. + 1 film 1978 Drama
Gank Gankutsuou Gonzo Manga 24 eps. 2004 Drama The Count of Monte Cristo, in a hyperstylized art form set in a futuristic world
Ga-rei-zero Ga-Rei Zero AIC Manga 12 eps. 2008 Action, Romance, Supernatural
Gate21 Gate Keepers 21 Gonzo Anime[1] 6 OVAs 2000 Science Fiction, Drama
Ghostho Ghost Hound Production I.G. ORIGINAL ANIME 22 eps. 2007 Drama, Horror, Mystery
Ghosthu Ghost Hunt J.C. Staff Light Novel 25 eps. 2006 Supernatural, Shojo
Gintama Gintama Sunrise Manga 1 OVA + 201 eps. 2005 Action, Comedy It's a comedy series that took place in an alternate history Japan where aliens conquers Japan. The main characters are a samurai Gintoki, some guy with glasses, and an alien girl; but stop reading this shit. It's funnier when you watch it
G boy Golden Boy Production I.G. Manga 6 eps. 1995 Comedy, Ecchi
Gto Great Teacher Onizuka Pierrot Manga 43 eps. + 1 live-action drama 1999 Comedy A motorcycle gang leader becomes a high-school teacher to get laid with young students and a hot teacher. He's a nice guy though, so he will also help them with their problems as well.
Ggra Gungrave Madhouse Video Game 26 eps. 2003 Action Brandon Heat and his best friend start off as street punks. Brandon's friend wants to be big in life and his goal is to become a mob boss. Brandon just wants to live happily with his love interest. But tragedy strikes and they choose to join the mob to survive. They climb the ranks and gangster drama occurs.
GSG Gunslinger Girl Madhouse Manga 13 eps. 2008 Drama Moe with guns.
Haibane Haibane Renmei Radix ORIGINAL ANIME 13 eps. 2001 Psychological A bleak yet somehow heart warming anime about dead children (Angels).
Hajime Hajime no Ippo Madhouse Manga 76 eps. + 1 film (Champion Road) + 1 OVA (Kimura vs. Mashiba) + 26 TV (New Challenger) 2000 Sports, Drama Ippo Makunouchi, a shy, lonely high-schooler, gets into professional boxing. Soon he becomes one of the most promising fighters in Japan. Character developement and realistic fights that will keep you hooked make this a must-see, even if you're not a into boxing.
Hayate Hayate, the Combat Butler SynergySP (S1) / J.C. Staff (S2 & OVAs) Manga 52 eps. + 1 OVA + 25 TV 2007 Comedy
Hell Hellsing Madhouse Manga 13 eps. + 7 OVAs (Ultimate) 2001 Mystery, Action Alucard, a crazy demonic vampire with god-like powers, fights demons and zombies in the name of the Queen of England.

Go straight for the OVAs. The 13 episode anime is mediocre at best, but the OVAs are great and follow the manga storyline, so you don't need to watch both.

Hidamari sketch Hidamari Sketch Shaft Manga 14 eps. + 14 eps. (x365) 2007 Slice of Life, Comedy Slice of life comedy about girls attending an art college.
Higurashi Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Deen Visual Novel 26 eps. + 26 eps. + 5 OVAs + 1 live-action film 2007 Mystery, Drama New kid in town, a bunch of lolis want to fuck him, typical visual novel stuff. Then people start dying horribly.
Honey-clover Honey & Clover J.C. Staff Manga 26 eps. + 12 eps. 2005 Drama, Romance
Hunterx Hunter x Hunter Nippon Animation Manga 62 eps. + 8 OVAs + 22 OVAs (Greed Island) 1999 Action
Hyakko Hyakko Nippon Animation Yonkoma 13 eps. 2008 Slice of Life, Comedy
Ichigoma Ichigo Mashimaro Doumu Manga 12 eps. + 3 OVAs + 1 OVA (Encore) 2005 Slice of Life, Comedy Slice of life about a twenty year old chain smoker, her younger sister, an insane girl who lives next door, and a sensitive bespectacled girl that lives down the street.
Is pure I''s Pierrot Manga 2 eps. (From I''s) + 4 eps. (I''s Pure) 2002 Drama, Romance
Hell girl Jigoku Shoujo Deen ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. + 26 eps. (Futakomori) + 26 eps. (Mitsuganae) + 1 live-action drama (12 eps.) 2005 Drama, Horror, Mystery A legend says that if you enter a certain website at midnight you can input someone's name, and a girl will send him to hell. In exchange, you will go there when you die as well. Each chapter tells a different story, although there is a bit of continuity in each season.
Jyu Jyu Oh Sei Bones Manga 11 eps. 2006 Romance, Science Fiction, Shojo
Kaiba-anime Kaiba Madhouse ORIGINAL ANIME 12 eps. 2008 Psychological PROTIP: It's not Yu-Gi-Oh!
Kaiji Kaiji Madhouse Manga 26 eps. 2007 Thriller / Zawa zawa Kaiji is a lowlife with no goal in life. One day a shady man visits him to collect a huge debt. Since he has no money to pay it, he is given an alternative: A series of gambling games for the entertainment of some rich people. Money turns out to be the least important thing gambled. TENSION EVERYWHERE.
Kaleido Kaleido Star Gonzo ORIGINAL ANIME 51 eps. + 1 OVA (New Wings) + 1 OVA (Layla Hamilton's Story) 2003 Sports, Shojo, Drama
Kamichu Kamichu! Brain's Base Manga 12 eps. + 4 OVAs 2005 Magical girls
Kannagi Kannagi A-1 Pictures Manga 13 eps. + 1 OVA 2008 Magical girls, Romance It's an animated carton that stems from a mango which buds a story of a young nymph Nagi. As the anime stayed true to its roots, this show is so poplar there are many seeds to torrent so you would be barking mad to leaves this guide without thinking of watching this soon.
KareKano Kare Kano GAINAX Manga 26 eps. 1998 Romance, Comedy, Drama
Kashi Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Hibari ORIGINAL ANIME 12 eps. + 1 OVA 2006 Drama, Romance
Kazenostigma Kaze no Stigma Gonzo Light Novel 24 eps. 2007 Action, Comedy, Supernatural
Kemono Kemono no Souja Erin Production I.G Manga 50 eps. 2009 Mystery
Kemonozume Kemonozume Madhouse ORIGINAL ANIME 13 eps. 2006 Psychological
Kimiganozomu Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Fantasia Visual Novel 14 eps. + 4 OVAs (Next Season) 2003 Drama, Romance, Harem
Kinos-journey Kino's Journey A.C.G.T. Light Novel 13 eps. 2003 Adventure, Science Fiction A traveller and his talking bike on a Journey (no shit, Sherlock) travelling around the fantastic world full of magic, mystery and shooting people with a handgun.
Koikaze Koi Kaze A.C.G.T. Manga 13 eps. 2004 Drama, Romance
Kurau Kurau Phantom Memory Bones / Media Factory ORIGINAL ANIME 24 eps. 2004 Science Fiction, Drama
Kurenai Kure-nai Brain's Base Manga 12 eps. 2008 Romance, Comedy, Drama
Kuroshitsuji Kuroshitsuji A-1 Pictures Manga 24 eps. 2008 Drama, Supernatural A demonic butler helps his young noble master avenge the death of his parents.
Exile Last Exile Gonzo ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2003 Adventure, Science Fiction
Chevalier Le Chevalier D'Eon Production I.G. ORIGINAL ANIME 24 eps. 2006 Mystery, Drama, Historical fiction
Loveco Lovely Complex Toei Manga 24 eps. + 1 live-action film 2007 Romantic Comedy, Shojo A very tall girl and a very short boy help each other get a couple.
Konata Lucky Star Kyoto Animation Yonkoma 26 eps. + 1 OVA 2007 Slice of Life, Comedy A bunch of girls talk about manga, videogames, and nonsense(because nobody seriously gives a fuck of which side of the cornet is the head). Lots of references to other anime, especially Kyoto Animation.
Madlax MADLAX Bee-Train ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2004 Action
Abeno Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi GAINAX ORIGINAL ANIME 13 eps. 2002 Comedy Two kids are transported, without knowing how, to a bunch of magical worlds, each a parody of something (RPGs, Mechas, Science-fiction...). A bit of a mindfuck towars the end.
Nanoha Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Seven Arcs ORIGINAL ANIME 13 eps. + 13 eps. (A's) + 26 eps. (StrikerS) 2004 Magical girls, Action
Tweeny Mahou Shoujotai Arusu 4°C ORIGINAL ANIME 40 eps. (10 min. each) + 12 OVAs (The Adventure) (10 min. each) 2004 Magical girls A girl who is intrigued by magic in another world full of witches while looking for her father.
Mai Hime Mai-HiME Sunrise ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2004 Magical girls, Action
Mai Otome Mai-Otome Sunrise ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. + 4 OVAs (Zwei) + 3 OVAs (0~S.ifr~) 2005 Magical girls, Action
Manabi Manabi Straight Ufotable Manga 12 eps. + 1 OVA 2007 Slice of Life, Comedy
Marco Marco: 3,000 Leagues in Search of Mother Nippon Animation Novel 52 eps. 1976 Drama
MasterKeaton Master Keaton Madhouse Manga 39 eps. 1998 Drama
Minami Minami-ke Doumu / Asread Manga 13 eps. + 13 TV (Odawari) + 13 TV (Okaeri) + 1 OVA (Betsubara) 2007 Slice of Life, Comedy Three sisters rent an apartment to live together. Stuff happens.
Mokke Mokke Madhouse Manga 24 eps. 2007 Mystery, Slice of Life
Mononoke Mononoke Toei Light Novel 12 eps. 2007 Drama, Fantasy
Monster Monster Madhouse Manga 74 eps. 2004 Drama, Thriller Kenzo Tenma, a japanese surgeon working in Germany, treats a boy and saves his life, disobeying the hospital director, who wanted him to treat the city's mayor first, who ends up dying without Tenma's skill. He loses all he had, but then a series of murders take place, all benefiting him. Now he's out to stop the monster he created before he kills more people.
Moyashimon Moyashimon Shirogumi Manga 11 eps. 2007 Comedy, Educational
Mushishi Mushishi Artland Manga 26 eps. + 1 live-action film 2005 Supernatural
Nana Nana Madhouse Manga 47 eps. + 2 live-action films 2006 Drama, Music, Shojo The story of two very different girls called Nana who end up living together. Original manga by Ai Iazawa, expect very developed characters getting through very complex relationships.
Natsume Natsume Yuujinchou Brain's Base Manga 13 eps. + 13 eps. (Zoku) 2008 Drama, Supernatural, Shojo
Nodame Nodame Cantabile J.C. Staff Manga 23 eps. + 11 eps. (Paris Chapter) + 11 eps. (Finale) + live-action series (13 eps. + 2 films) 2007 Drama, Music, Shojo Romantic comedy about classical music students, specifically an odd pianist and a serious guy who wants to be an orchestra director.
Noir Noir Bee-Train ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2001 Action
Nowandthen Now And Then, Here and There AIC ORIGINAL ANIME 13 eps. 1999 Drama, Science Fiction Some random school boy sees a mysterious girl then suddenly gets dragged in another world in a war where a nation decides to use children are soldiers.
Ebichu Oruchuban Ebichu GAINAX Manga 24 eps. 1999 Comedy, Ecchi R-Rated Hamtaro. The main character is Ebichu, a cute hamster who tends the house of her slobbish owner. Other characters include the owner's useless boyfriend and a sick nigger in love with the hamster.
Ookiku Ookiku Furikabutte A-1 Pictures Manga 26 eps. 2007 Sports, Comedy
Otaku-no-video Otaku no Video GAINAX ORIGINAL ANIME 2 eps. 1991 Comedy
Host Ouran High School Host Club Bones Manga 26 eps. 2006 Comedy, Drama, Shoujo
Palecocoon Pale Cocoon Rikka ORIGINAL ANIME 1 OVA 2006 Science Fiction
Paniponi Pani Poni Dash! Shaft Manga 26 eps. + 1 OVA 2005 Slice of Life, Comedy.
Paranoia-agent Paranoia Agent Madhouse ORIGINAL ANIME 13 eps. 2004 Psychological A shy designer on the verge of a nervous meltdown is assaulted by some kid with a bent baseball batm the Li'l Slugger. Two detectives take over the case. More and more troubled people are attacked by the 'Li'l Slugger'. Quite the critic about humanity.
Potemayo Potemayo J.C. Staff Manga 12 eps. 2007 Comedy. Music
Pretear Pretear Hal Film Maker Manga 13 eps. 2001 Magical girls, Romance
Tutu Princess Tutu Hal Film Maker ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2002 Drama, Romance A fairytale about a ballet student with magical girl elements. Surprisingly epic and touching.
Ranmaanime Ranma 1/2 Studio DEEN Manga 161 eps. + 13 OVAs + 2 films 1989 Comedy, Action A young martial artist has an accident while on a training journey. As a result, he transforms into a girl every time he is splashed with cold water.
Ray Ray Oriental Light and Magic Manga 13 eps. 2006 Science Fiction, Medical drama
Re Cutie Honey Re: Cutie Honey GAINAX / Toei Manga 3 eps. 2004 Comedy, Action, Ecchi
Readordie Read Or Die J.C. Staff Light Novel 1 OVA + 26 eps. (THE TV) 2001 Action, Supernatural
Real drive Real Drive Production I.G. ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2008 Cyberpunk
Redgarden Red Garden Gonzo ORIGINAL ANIME 22 eps. + 1 OVA (Dead Girls) 2006 Mystery, Drama
Zillion Red Photon Zillion Production I.G. ORIGINAL ANIME 1 OVA 1988 Action
Utena Revolutionary Girl Utena J.C. Staff ORIGINAL ANIME 39 eps. + 1 film (Adolescence Mokushiroku) 1996 Psychological, Magical girls
Rozen Rozen Maiden Nomad Manga 12 eps. + 12 TV (Träumend) + 2 OVAs (Ouvertüre) 2004 Drama, Comedy, Action Jun, a hikkikomori, gets a living porcelain doll. Said doll has to fight six other dolls in order to win the Alice game and meet their maker.
Kenshin329 Rurouni Kenshin Gallop Manga 62 eps. + 4 OVAs (Trust and Betrayal) + 2 OVAs (Reflection) + 1 film 1996 Chanbara Kenshin Himura is an ex-assassin who now travels the land atoning for his crimes. He protects Japan with his reverse-blade katana, a sword unable to kill.
Saikano Saikano Gonzo Manga 13 eps. + 2 OVAs (Another Love Song) + live-action film 2002 Drama, Romance Shuuji's girlfriend, Chise, is a shy, clumsy girl attending high school. She is also an extremely powerful weapon used by the military to fight a terrible war.
Champloo Samurai Champloo Manglobe ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2004 Action, Chanbara, Comedy Samurai story, hip-hop style. Fuu hires two rival ronins to help her find the "samurai who smells like sunflowers". Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, of Cowboy Bebop fame. Very unique style, and fantastic animation.
Sayonara Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Shaft Manga 12 eps. + 13 TV (Zoku) + 3 OVAs (Goku) + 13 TV (Zan) + 2 OVAs (Zan, Bangaichi) 2007 Comedy The daily life of a depressed, suicidal high school teacher and his weird students.
School-days School Days TNK Visual Novel 12 eps. + 2 OVAs 2007 Romance, Harem, Drama
Scrapped princess Scrapped Princess Bones Light Novel 24 eps. 2003 Adventure, Science Fiction
Scryed s-CRY-ed Sunrise ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2001 Action
Moribito Seirei no Moribito Production I.G. Light Novel 26 eps. 2007 Fantasy, Drama Balsa is a traveling spear woman who takes on the task of saving lifes in atonement for a past sin. Eventually she is hired to bodyguard a prince whose father, the Emperor, wants dead. A great, slow-paced story with fantastic animation.
Lain Serial Experiments Lain Pioneer / Tatsunoko ORIGINAL ANIME 13 eps. 1998 Psychological, Science Fiction Frail and timid Lain Iwakura receives an e-mail from a deceased classmate [i]after[/i] she died. Apparently the Wired (the Internet) is the afterlife and Lain is important to it, on one way or another.
Seto no hanayome Seto no Hanayome Gonzo Manga 26 eps. + 2 OVAs 2007 Comedy, Romance
Shigofumi Shigofumi J.C. Staff Light Novel 12 eps. + 1 OVA 2008 Fantasy, Drama
Shigurui Shigurui Madhouse Manga 12 eps. 2007 Chanbara
Shuffle Shuffle! Asread Yonkoma 24 eps. 2005 Drama, Romance, Harem
Sketch book Sketchbook Hal Film Maker Manga 13 eps. 2007 Slice of Life, Comedy
Slamdunk Slam Dunk Toei Manga 101 eps. + 4 OVAs 1993 Sports, Nostalgia A high-school delinquent enters the basketball team to impress a girl. As it turns out, not only he loves the game, he's also pretty good at it.
Sola sola Nomad Manga 13 eps. + 2 OVAs 2007 Drama, Romance, Harem
Speed Grapher Speed Grapher Gonzo ORIGINAL ANIME 24 eps. 2005 A former war photographer gets a story about a gathering of rich big-wigs: it's full of corruption and filth. There's a ceremony with a young girl who kisses him. Her kiss activates a genetic response that corresponds with the reciever's deepest desire. Now whenever he takes photos, they kill people. The main theme is about people and indulgence.
Spicewolf Spice and Wolf Imagin Light Novel 12 eps. + 2 OVAs + 12 eps. 2008 Slice of Life, Adventure Economics the anime. You would rather play Recettear if you have ADHD; otherwise, it's a good watch.
Strawberry Strawberry Panic! Madhouse ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2006 Drama, Romance (Yuri)
Sumomo Sumomo mo Momomo Hibari Manga 22 eps. + 2 OVAs 2006 Comedy
RYO Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Oh-Ki! AIC ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. + 2 films (Tenchi in Love, Tenchi Forever) 1995 Comedy, Harem
Sunred Tentai Senshi Sunred AIC Manga 26 eps. + 26 eps. 2008 Comedy
Slayers The Slayers J.C. Staff Light Novel 26 eps. + 26 TV (Next) + 26 TV (Try) + 13 TV (Revolution) + 13 TV (Evolution) + 3 OVAs (Special) + 3 OVAs (Excellent) + 4 films 1995 Adventure, Action, Comedy
Trigun Trigun Madhouse Manga 26 eps. 1998 Action, Western, Science Fiction The travels of Vash the Stampede, a wanted gunman who wanders the planet Gunsmoke avoiding bounty-hunters.
Truetears True Tears P.A Works Visual Novel 13 eps. + 1 Iive-action film (Pure Album) 2008 Drama, Romance, Harem
12 Twelve Kingdoms Pierrot Light Novel 45 eps. 2002 Action
Umisho Umisho Artland Manga 13 eps. 2007 Sports, Comedy, Ecchi
Utawa Utawarerumono Oriental Light and Magic Visual Novel 26 eps. 2006 Adventure, Fantasy
Videoai Video Girl Ai Production I.G. Manga 12 eps. + 1 film 1992 Romantic Comedy
Distant star Voices of a Distant Star CoMix Wave Inc. ORIGINAL ANIME 1 ep. 2002 Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Nhk Welcome to the NHK! Gonzo Light Novel 24 eps. 2006 Comedy, Drama
Windy Windy Tales Production I.G. ORIGINAL ANIME 13 eps. 2004 Slice of Life, Drama
Witchhunter Witch Hunter Robin Sunrise ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. 2002 Detective, Supernatural
Wolfs Wolf's Rain Bones ORIGINAL ANIME 26 eps. + 4 OVAs 2004 Adventure, Supernatural A pack of wolves (thought to be extinct, but in fact disguised as humans)sets out on a quest to find the Lunar Flower and open the gates of paradise. Awesome plot, music and setting. Wolves are awesome too, so what's not to like?
Holic xxxHolic Production I.G. Manga 24 eps.+ 13 TV (Kei) + 2 OVAs (Shunmuki) + 1 film (A Midsummer Night's Dream) 2006 Drama, Supernatural Some orphan is cursed with the ability to see and attract spirits, until he sees a shop owned by a wish-granting witch. She offers to rid him of the curse if he works in the shop as her personal slave. Pretty interesting and entertaining.
Yokohama Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Ajia-do Manga 2 eps. + 2 eps. (Quiet Country Café) 1998 Romance, Drama, Science-Fiction, Slice-of-Life
Zettai Zettai Karen Children SynergySP Manga 51 eps. 2004 Action, Comedy


  1. Gate Keepers 21 is the sequel to Gate Keepers (TV series, 26 eps), which was not included in any of the recommendation lists.