• This list was based on the basis of 4 previous lists.
  • "Volume" refers to tankōbon, which usually compiles 7 chapters.
  • Includes some manhwa: intolerant fucks can choke on it.

The Goddamned ListEdit

Image Title Author Genre(s) Year Length (volumes) Complete? Description
20thcen 20th Century Boys Urasawa, Naoki Science-Fiction, Mystery 2000 24 Yes Kenji, owner of a convenience store, is invited to the funeral of a childhood friend who commited suicide. As he reminisces with his old friends, he stumbles upon a cult, led by the mysterious "Friend". Has a sequel, 21st Century Boys, which is more of an epilogue.
3x3 3x3 Eyes Takada, Yuzo Action 1987 40 Yes
Distant A Distant Neighborhood Taniguchi, Jiro Drama 1998 2 Yes
Drifting A Drifting Life Tatsumi, Yoshihiro Drama, Historical, Romance 2008 2 Yes
150px A Patch of Dreams Oda, Hideji Adventure, Drama 2005x 1 Yes
Abandon Abandon the Old in Tokyo Tatsumi, Yoshihiro Drama, Historical 1970 1 Yes
Adolf Adolf Tesuka, Osamu Drama, Historical 1983 5 Yes The story of three Adolfs during WWII: a jewish kid, the son of a Nazi party member and, of course, Adolf Hitler. Their stories will intertwine as they become involved with some secret documents about Hitler's origin.
Ai kora Ai Kora Inoue, Kazurou Comedy, Romance, Ecchi 2005 12 Yes A pervert obsessed with individual body parts (as in boobs or feet) is forced to move to a girls-only dorm. There he finds many of what he believes are the "perfect parts".
Airgear Air Gear Oogure, Ito Action, Comedy 2002 28 No Rollerblading as SERIOUS BUSINESS
Airen Ai-Ren Tanaka, Yutaka Ecchi, Romance 1999 7 Yes
Akagimanga Akagi Fukumoto, Noboyuki Drama 1992 24 No The titular kid learns Mahjong on a single night. From there on he defies all logic and luck and becomes a legend.
Akira1 Akira Otomo, Katsushiro Science-Fiction 1982 6 Yes Set in a post-WWIII Tokyo, focuses on the rivalry between Kaneda, the leader of a gang, and Tetsuo, his friend who gains psychic powers after a bike accident. They become involved with a top-secret government project known only as Akira.
Akumetsu Akumetsu Tabata, Yoshiaki Action, Comedy 2002 18 Yes
Angeldensetsu Angel Densetsu Yagi, Norihiro Martial Arts, Comedy 1992 15 Yes
Appleseed Appleseed Shirow, Masamune Science-Fiction 1985 4 Yes
Aquaknight Aqua Knight Kishiro, Yukito Adventure, Fantasy 1998 3 No
Aria Amano, Kozue Drama 2001 14 Yes
Ashita no Joe Takamori, Asao Sports 1968 20 Yes Classic boxing manga about a homeless kid turned world boxing champion. Will make you shed manly tears.
Baki the Grappler Itagaki, Keisuke Martial Arts 1991 97 No
Bakuman Bakuman Ohba, Tsugumi Comedy, Slice-of-life 2008 8 Yes A manga about a mangaka. Don't worry; it's not "the story of Ohba's life".
Bakune Young Matsunaga, Tokuyatsu Action, Psychological 1995 3 Yes
Banana Fish Yoshida, Akimi Action, Drama 1986 19 Yes
Barefoot Gen Nakazawa, Keiji Drama 1973 10 Yes
Basiliskmanga Basilisk Segawa, Masaki Action 2003 5 Yes Two ninja clans are ordered to kill each order to decide which of the shogun's grandsons will become the next ruler. But the two clan's leaders are in love. Tragedy ensues.
Bastard! Hagiwara, Kazushi Heavy Metal, Fantasy, Adventure 1988 27 No
Battle Royale Koushun, Takami Action, Drama 2000 15 Yes
Beck Sakuichi, Harold Music 2000 34 Yes
Benkei in New York Taniguchi, Jiro Drama, Seinen 1995 1 Yes
Berserk v01 001 Berserk Miura, Kentaro Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural 1989 34 No The exploits of Guts, a wandering swordsman with a tragic history. With incredible strength and a resolve to right the wrongs of his past, he travels the world fighting the various evils that inhabit it. Noted for its heavy violence and Guts being a badass. Also, Dat Manly Purse.
Black Jack Tesuka, Osamu Medical, Drama 1973 25 Yes
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Black Lagoon Hiroe, Rei Action, Adventure 2002 9 No
Blade of the Immortal Samura, Hiroaki Martial Arts, Drama, Tragedy 1993 26 No
Blame! Nihei, Tsutomu Cyberpunk, Action, Drama 1997 10 Yes
Blood Alone Takano, Masayuki Vampires, Drama, Romance, Mystery 2005 6 No
Blue Nananan, Kiriko Drama, Josei, Yuri 1995 1 Yes
Blue Heaven Takahashi, Tsutuomu Mature, Drama 2002 3 Yes
Blue Spring Matsumoto, Taiyo Mature, Drama 1993 1 Yes
Bokko Kubota, Sentaro Action, Historical Fiction 1995 11 Yes
Bokurano Kitoh, Mohiro Drama 2004 11 Yes
Buddha Tesuka, Osamu Drama, Historical Fiction, Biography 1972 14 Yes
C.A.T. Fung Ching Pang Sci-Fi, Action 2003 2 No
Cannon God Exaxxion Sonoda, Kenichi Sci-Fi, Action, Drama, Ecchi 1997 7 Yes
Cat Eyed Boy Umezu, Kazuo Horror, Psychological 1967 2 Yes
Cat Shit One Kobayashi, Motofumi Action, War, Historical Fiction 1998 3 Yes
Children of the Sea Igarashi, Daisuke Drama, Mystery 2007 4 No
City Hunter Hojo, Tsukasa Action, Comedy, Romance 1985 35 Yes
Claymore Yagi, Norihiro Action, Fantasy 2007 17 No Berserk with estrogen
Cromartie High School Nonaka, Eiji Comedy 2001 17 Yes Azumanga Daioh, but all-boys and on even more crack.
Crying Freeman Koike, Kazuo Drama 1986 9 Yes A potter is turned into an assasin against his own will.
Dance Till Tomorrow Yamamoto, Naoki Drama, Romance 1989 7 Yes
Dangu Park Joong Gi Action, Fantasy, Adventure 2003 9 Yes
Day of the Revolution Tsuda, Mikiyo Comedy, Gender-Bender 1998 2 Yes
Deathnotepromo Death Note Ohba, Tsugumi Thriller 2003 12 Yes Light Yagami, a bright but jaded high-schooler finds a notebook with the ability to kill anyone he writes on it. He uses it to cleanse the world of criminals, as a cat-and-mouse game with the authorities (and a mysterious detective known only as L) is unfolded.
Detroitmanga Detroit Metal City Lee, Toshio Comedy, Music 2003 7 No Shoichi Negishi, a shy, gentle boy, moves to Japan to become a pop singer. But instead he becomes Johannes Krauser II, leader of the Death Metal band Detroit Metal City.
Devilman Nagai, Go Horror 1972 5 Yes Demons were once sovereign over Earth, and they want their world back. Only Akira Fudou, who lets himself be possessed by the most powerful of demons and turn himself into the titular Devilman, can beat them. Or can he?
Dissapearance Diary Azuma, Hideo Drama, Psychological 2005 1 Yes
DNA² Katsura, Masakazu Comedy 1993 5 Yes
Dogs Miwa, Shirow Sci-Fi, Action 2000 1 Yes
Domu Otomo, Katsushiro Horror 1980 1 Yes
Dorohedoro Dorohedoro Hayashida, Q. Horror, Gore, Magic 2001 14 No Caiman was transfigured by a mage. Now he has a crocodile's head and no memories. He will try to uncover his past as he tries to survive in The Hole, a world ruled by magic users.
Doubt Tonogai, Yoshiki Horror, Drama 2007 4 Yes
Dr. Slump Toriyama, Akira Comedy 1980 18 Yes
Dragon Head Mochizuki, Minetaro Drama, Horror, Mystery 1994 10 Yes
Eat-Man Yoshitomi, Akihito Adventure, Action, Comedy 1996 19 Yes
Eden: It's An Endless World Endo, Hiroki Sci-Fi, Action, Adult 1997 18 Yes
Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga Aihara, Koji / Takekuma, Kentaro Comedy 1990 3 Yes
Eye21man Eyeshield 21 Inagaki, Riichiro Sports 2002 37 Yes Sena Kobayakawa is a student who, after years of running from bullies, has developed a superb speed and agility. Yoichi Hiruma, captain of the American Football team, recruits him to play as running back. With his help and all the the new team members, they will try to win the Christmas Bowl.
Hokutomanga Fist of the North Star Buronson Action, Martial arts 1983 27 Yes In a post-apocalyptic world, Kenshiro, the last practitioner of the martial art Hokuto Shinken, travels the land delivering justice and fighting his old clan members. Manliest Manga ever.
Flame of Recca Anzai, Noboyuki Action, Adventure 1995 33 Yes
Fourteen Umezu, Kazuo Horror, Sci-Fi 1990 20 Yes
Franken Fran Kigitsu, Katsuhisa Horror, Drama, Mystery 2007 5 No Dr. Black Jack on crack. A stitched-up abomination tries to help people for a price by doing beyond-retarded operation that often harms the patient more than it helps them, which some deserving their punishment. Beyond that, it's a subtly preachy manga about the wonders of life and pyschology.
Fuan no Tane Nakayama, Masaaki Horror, Psychological 2004 3 Yes
Fullmetalman Fullmetal Alchemist Arakawa, Hiromu Action 2001 27 Yes In a world where alchemy surpasses technology, the young Elric brothers perform the human transmutation to resurrect their mother. They fail, and one of them loses an arm and a leg and the other gets his soul trapped inside an armor. Now they search for the Philosopher's Stone to reclaim their bodies.
Gantz Oku, Hiroya Action, Drama 2000 28 No Recently-deceased people are somehow revived and given high-tech suits and weapons to fight aliens invisible to normal human beings. Focuses on Kei Kurono, whiny bitch turned manly as all fuck.
Genshiken Shimoku, Kio Comedy 2002 9 Yes
Getter Robo Go Nagai, Go / Ishikawa, Ken Action, Sci-Fi 1991 7 Yes
Ghost in the Shell Shirow, Masamune Cyberpunk 1989 3 Yes
Gintama Sorachi, Hidaki Comedy 2003 32 No Aliens bring to Edo-period Japan all the commodities of the future. Focused on a former war-hero, a nerdy samurai wannabe and a super-strong alien loli and her gigantic dog as they try to succeed as free-lancer jacks-of-all-trades.
Glass Mask Miuchi, Suzue Shojo, Romance, Drama 1976 44 No
Glaucos Tanaka, Akio Sports, Drama 2004 4 Yes
Gogo Monster Matsumoto, Taiyo Drama, Supernatural 2000 1 Yes
Golden Boy Egawa, Tatsuya Comedy 1992 10 Yes
Golgo Golgo 13 Koike, Kazuo Drama, Action, Mystery 1968 155 No Duke Togo, commonly known as Golgo 13, is a legendary hitman with extraordinary sniper skills. The manga follows his many jobs around the world. One of the logest-running manga ever.
Gon Gon Tanaka, Masashi Comedy 1992 7 Yes Yes, the little dinosaur from Tekken 3 actually comes from a manga. With no dialogue, the stories are about Gon and his interactions with other animals. Really funny and unique, very detailed art.
Goodnight Pun Pun Asano, Inio Drama 2007 6 No
Grappler Baki Itagaki, Keisuke Martial Arts, Mature 1991 42 Yes
Great Teacher Onizuka Fujisawa, Tohru Comedy 1997 25 Yes
Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita Kishiro, Yukito Action, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk 1990 9 Yes
Gunsmith Cats Sonoda, Kenichi Action 1991 9 Yes
Hajimemanga Hajime no Ippo Morikawa, Joji Sports 1990 90 No A young, shy high-school student mans up and becomes one of the most promising boxers in Japan. Realistic matches and great character developement make this a must-read, even if you're not into boxing.
Hanaotoko Matsumoto, Taiyo Drama, Seinen 1998 3 Yes
Hating Girl Rokunishi, Koji Comedy, Romance 2001 5 Yes
Hellsing manga Hellsing Hirano, Kouta Action, Drama, Supernatural 1997 11 Yes Crazy over-powered vampire Alucard fights demons and Nazi zombies in the name of Her Majesty Queen of England. Awesome. Also, every cool character wears glasses.
Highschool of the Dead Sato, Shouji / Sato, Daisuke Action, Zombies, Gore, Ecchi 2006 6 No

Suddenly, zombies are crawling around the world signalling the end of the world. HOTD focuses on high school students (with a loli and a school clinic nurse) as they kill zombies for survival and fun.

If you don't like to see jiggle physics/ Gainaxing animated by Madhouse, then you better read this at the risk of being a big pussy. Artist makes ero-manga as well, so there's nothing to lose.

Himizu Furuya, Minoru Mature, Drama 2001 4 Yes
Historie Iwaaaki, Hitoshi Historical Fiction 2004 6 No
History's Strongest Discipline Kenichi Matsuena, Syun Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts 2002 38 No Wimpy kid Kenichi meets a highly-skilled martial artist girl called Miu and decides to take her path. He goes through a VERY intense training program every day, and it shows whenever danger comes.
Homunculus Yamamoto, Hideo Drama, Mature 2003 11 No
Hotel Boichi Science-Fiction, Drama 2008 1S Yes The story of Louis, an AI tasked to guard a gigantic DNA bank built in the wake of mankind's extintion due to Earth's overheating. Very beautiful.
Hour of the Mice Toume, Kei Drama, Mystery 2004 4 Yes
House of Five Leaves Ono, Natsume Action, Mature 2006 7 No
Hunter x Hunter Togashi, Yoshihiro Action 1998 27 No (hiatus)
Ichi The Killer Yamamoto, Hideo Mature, Drama, Tragedy, Horror 1998 10 Yes An 'old man' wants to stir up trouble within a Yakuza-infested house using a deeply-disturbed young crying nancy boy who happens to be a killing machine when bad memories are relived. Fucked up even to Japanese standards.
Ichigo Mashimaro Barasui Comedy 2002 6 No
Ikigami Mase, Motoro Drama, Tragedy, Mystery 2005 7 No
Is Katsura, Masakazu Romance, Drama, School Life 1997 15 Yes
Japan Tengu Party Illustrated Kuroda, Iou Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural 1994 4 Yes
Jiraishin Takahashi, Tsutuomu Drama, Action, Mystery 1992 19 Yes
Jojo Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Araki, Hirohiko Action 1987 99 No Featuring several story arcs and spanning generations, it basically tells the gory story of the Joestar family and their fight against Dio Brando, a FABULOUS vampire.
Karakuri Circus Fujita, Kazuhiro Drama, Action 1997 43 Yes
Kareshi Kanojo Tsuda, Masami Romance 1995 21 Yes
Keep on Vibrating Matsumoto, Jiro Mature, Drama, Psychological 2005 1 Yes
Kiichi! Arai, Hideki Drama, Mature 2002 9 Yes
Kindaichi Case Files Kanari, Yozaburo Mystery 1992 58+ No Hajime Kindaichi, a high school slacker who is secretly a prodigy, solves mysterious deaths and brings killers to justice. No magic. No superpowers. Logic only. Final Destination.
King of Thorns Iwahara, Yuji Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi 2002 6 Yes
Kodomo no Jikan Watashiya, Kaworu

Comedy, Romance, Drama, Loli

2005 8 No Pedophilia the manga
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Otsuwa, Eiji Horror, Mystery, Drama 2000 13 No
Kurozuka Yumemakura, Baku Action, Horror, Sci-Fi 2002 10 Yes
Laughing Vampire Maruo, Suehiro Horror 1998 2 Yes
Legend of Mother Sarah Otomo, Katsushiro Drama, Action, Sci-Fi 1990 12 Yes
Liargame Liar Game Kaitani, Shinobu Drama, Mystery 2005 12 No A naive student teams with an expert swindler to participate in a series of psychological games with huge amounts of money at stake.
Litchi Hikari Club Furuya, Usamaru Horror, Psychological 2006 1 Yes
Living Game Hoshisato, Mochiru Comedy, Romance 1990 10 Yes
Lonewolf Lone Wolf and Cub Koike, Kazuo Chanbara, Historical Fiction 1970 28 Yes A disgraced ronin travels Japan working as an assassin, as he takes care of his baby son and waits for the day when he can get revenge against the Yagyu clan, responsible for his demise. HUGELY influential manga.
Love Roma Toyoda, Minoru Comedy, Drama 2003 5 Yes Out of nowhere, a girl was asked by some random guy whom he never met to be his girlfriend. Hilarity ensues.
Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro Matsui, Yuusei Horror, Detective, Psychological 2005 23 Yes
Maken X Hayashida, Q. Action, Gore, Psychological 1999 2 Yes
Me And The Devil Blues Hiramoto, Akira Drama, Supernatural 2004 4 Yes Biographical manga about famed bluesman Robert Johnson and his alledged 'deal with the devil'.
Midori no Hibi Inoue, Kazurou Comedy, Romance 2002 8 Yes Some delinquent who found out one day that his right hand transformed into puppet-sized girl who is a lingering persona of a very shy middle school-girl who secretly likes him. Not entirely unique, but its romance done right
Mirai Nikki Esuno, Sakae Drama, Supernatural 2006 10 No
Monster1 Monster Urasawa, Naoki Drama, Thriller 1994 18 Yes Kenzo Tenma, a japanese surgeon working in Germany, treats a young boy and saves his life, disobeying the hospital director, who wanted him to treat the mayor first. Tenma loses all he had, but then a series of murders take place, all of them of benefit to him.
MPD Psycho Otsuma, Eiji Horror, Mature, Psychological 1997 14 No
Mushishi Urushibara, Yuki Drama, Supernatural 1999 10 Yes
MW Tesuka, Osamu Drama, Mature, Psychological 1976 3 Yes
Mysterious Girfriend X Ueshiba, Riichi Comedy, School Life, Supernatural 2006 6 No
Narutaru Kitoh, Mohiro Drama 1998 12 Yes Kids get cutesy aliens that battle against each other and everything is flowers and rainbows. Except not really, since is a Kitoh manga.
National Quiz Sugimoto, Reiichi Comedy 1994 4 Yes
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Miyazaki, Hayao Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction 1982 7 Yes Only manga made by Miyazaki
Nijigahara Holograph Asano, Inio Drama, Psychological, Tragedy 2003 1 Yes
Noramimi Hara, Kazuo Comedy 2003 8 Yes
Not Simple Ono, Natsume Drama, Tragedy 2004 1 Yes
Ode To Kirihito Tesuka, Osamu Drama 1970 4 Yes
Ooku: The Inner Chambers Yoshinaga, Fumi Drama, Historical 2005 5 No
Palepoli Furuya, Usamaru Dark Comedy, Psychological, Supernatural 1996 1 Yes
Panorama of Hell Hino, Hideshi Horror, Psychological 1990 1 Yes
Paranoia Star Maruo, Suehiro Horror, Psychological 1986 1 Yes
Parasyte Iwaaaki, Hitoshi Horror, Sci-Fi 1990 10 Yes
Phoenix Tesuka, Osamu Drama, Historical Fiction, Supernatural 1954 12 Yes
Planetesmanga PLANETES Yukimura, Makoto Sci-Fi 1999 4 Yes Trash collectors in space. It's better than it sounds. Focus on character developement and realistic space travel.
Pluto01 Pluto Urasawa, Naoki Drama, Action, Detective, Mystery 2003 8 Yes A reinterpretation of one of Astro Boy's story arcs. A detective story surrounding the connected deaths of some humans and the most important robots in Earth.
Pokemon Adventures Kusaka, Hidenoki Adventure, Fantasy 1997 35 No Pokemon Adventures/ PokeSpe for some people is a retelling of what has happened in the Pokemon games. If you played and like the Pokemon games, you will love this. There are many references to the game, while adding a bit more realism and materials for Pokemon fight.
Push Man & Other Stories Tatsumi, Yoshihiro Drama 1969 1 Yes
Ranma Ranma ½ Takahashi, Rumiko Comedy, Martial arts 1987 38 Yes The story of a young martial artist who, as a result of a curse, transforms into a girl when splashed with cold water.
Real Inoue, Takehiko Sports 1999 9 No
Red Colored Elegy Hayashi, Seiichi Drama, Psychological, Tragedy 1970 1 Yes
Red Snow Katsumata, Susumu Drama, Historical 2005 1 Yes
Riki Oh Masahiko, Takaio Action, Drama 1988 12 Yes
Rokudenashi Blues Morita, Masanori Action, Drama, Sports 1988 45 Yes
Rookies Morita, Masanori Sports, Comedy 1998 24 Yes
Saikanomanga Saikano Takahashi, Shin Romance, Drama, Science-Fiction 2000 7 Yes Chise, Shuuji's girlfriend, is a shy, clumsy girl. She is also an extremely powerful weapon used by the army to fight a terrible war.
Sanctuary Buronson Action, Drama, Tragedy 1990 14 Yes
Sangatsu no Lion Umino, Chica Drama, Tragedy 2008 4 No
Sangokushi Yokoyama, Mitsuteru Historical Fiction 1971 60 Yes
Saturn Apartments Iwaoka, Hisae Sci-Fi 2006 5 No
Helloblackjack Say Hello to Black Jack Sato, Syuho Medical, Drama 2002 13 Yes Crude, realistic manga about a Japanese hospital and how unfair Japan's health system really is. Made of rage and tears.
Screw Style Tsuge, Yoshinaru Drama, Mature, Psychological 1968 1 Yes
Seizon Life Fukumoto, Noboyuki Drama, Mystery, Psychological 1999 3 Yes
Serial Experiments Lain: A Nightmare of Fabrication ABe, Yoshitoshi Psychological, Sci-Fi 1998 1S Yes
Sexy Voice and Robo Kuroda, Iou Drama, Mystery 2000 2 No
Shamo Hashimoto, Izou Drama, Martial Arts, Psychological 1998 29 No
Shigurui Yamaguchi, Takayuki Chanbara, Action, Martial Arts, 2003 13 No
ShinAngyoOnshi Shin Angyo Onshi Youn In Wan, Yang Kyung-Il Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural 2001 17 Yes
Shoujo Fight Nihonbashi, Yoko Sports, Drama 2005 6 No
Sketchbook Kobako, Totan Drama, School Life 2003 6 No Slice-of-life about people in an art club. Hmmm yeah, it sounded like Hidamari to me too...
Slam Dunk Inoue, Takehiko Sports 1990 31 Yes Some idiot dumped by 50 girlfriends who tried basketball and he's actually good at it.
Solanin Asano, Inio Drama, Tragedy, Romance 2005 2 Yes
Space Adenture Cobra Terasawa, Buichi Action, Space opera 1978 20 Yes
Strain Buronson Action, Crime 1996 5 Yes
Summit of the Gods Yumemakura, Baku Adventure, Drama 2000 5 Yes
Super Conductive Brain Paraxis Kago, Shintaro Horror, Sci-Fi 2001 1 Yes
Team Medical Dragon Nagai, Akira Drama, Psychological 2002 23 No
The Box Man Sakabashira, Imiri Drama, Horror, Psychological 2004 1 Yes
The World God Only Knows Wakai, Tamiki Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural 2008 9 No Keima is a god who can attract women... in the 2D world. In real life, he's just an VN-obsessed otaku who doesn't like to deal with flesh-and-blood women until an unfortunate deal with the devil forces him to get rid of evil spirits by the power of Love. Loads better than expected, you will love the series if you like romance.
Tokyo Red Hood Tamaoki, Benkyo Action, Horror, Guro 2004 4 Yes
Tokyo Zombie Hanakuma, Yusaku Horror, Martial Arts 1999 1 Yes
Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms Kouno, Fumiyo Drama, Historical Fiction 2004 1 Yes
Ultra Heaven Koike, Keiichi Drama, Mature, Psychological, Sci-Fi 2002 3 No
Unbalance x Unbalance Im Dal Young, Lee Soon Hyun Romance 2005 9 No
Undecided Byung-Jun Byun Psychological, Tragedy 2003 1 Yes
Usagi Drop Unita, Yumi Comedy, Josei 2005 7 No
Uzumaki Itou, Junji Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Tragedy 1997 3 Yes PROTIP: It's not Naruto.

Uzumaki is about a town with some weird supernatural influence on spirals, hence the name Uzumaki.

Vagabond Vagabond Inoue, Takehiko Chanbara, Historical Fiction 1998 33 No The story of Musashi Miyamoto, the most famous swordsman in Japan. Based upon the novel Musashi, by Eiji Yoshikawa. Inoue's art shines here.
Video Girl Ai Katsura, Masakazu Comedy, Romance, Drama, School Life 1989 15 Yes
Vinland Vinland Saga Yukimura, Makoto Adventure, Action, Drama, Historical 2005 9 No It's about FUCKING VIKINGS. I don't think you need any more info to want to read it, but anyway, it's about Thorfinn, a Viking young fighter in a mercenary band, and his quest to avenge the death of his father.
Walking Man Taniguchi, Jiro Drama 1990 1 Yes
White Rain ABe, Yoshitoshi Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological 1997 1S Yes
Witches Igarashi, Daisuke Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural 2004 2 Yes
With The Light Tobe, Keito Drama, Josei 2000 14 No (mangaka died)
X CLAMP Drama, Action 1992 19 No (hiatus)
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Yoshikawa, Miki Comedy, School Life 2006 18 No
Yawara Urasawa, Naoki Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance, Sports 1986 29 Yes
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Ashinano, Hitoshi Romance, Drama, Science-Fiction 1994 14 Yes
Zetman Zetman Katsura, Masakazu Drama, Sci-Fi, Supernatural 2002 14 No